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Laminate Wood Floor

Welcome to the world of specialty coatings. Welcome to the world of Sansui Paints.
Sansui Paints is one of India’s leading manufacturers in the field of specialty and niche wood coatings and paints.

Founded in 1996, Sansui Paints began operations with a small production facility located off the western suburbs of Mumbai. The production range comprised two kinds of coatings and during the first year, we had just three clients. To compound matters, the next three years were to witness a global slowdown which hit India hard too. It was during these adverse times that Sansui Paints moved aggressively to segment the market and create products for niche applications with widespread demand.

Today, we have a modern and expansive manufacturing facility built to global standards of quality and environment standards. We have a super efficient supply chain that delivers our products across the length and breadth of India. Our Innovation and R & D Lab in Mumbai is a fount of great ideas and customer-centric applications. Our scientists have time and again anticipated a need, instead of waiting for the market’s signal.

Today, our products meet a range of applications across many industry segments: construction, interior décor, automotive, plastics, consumer durables, shipping and marine, electronic storage media……..

At Sansui Paints, we place a premium on customization. No matter how niche your need, you can count on us to provide you with a solution that meets your expectations.

We are an environmentally aware company and have built rigorous pollution control into all aspects of our production and effluent discharge processes. We place great value on human resources and provide a great workplace for our employees.

Finally, we believe that every organization must be socially responsible. We are deeply committed to the community that we operate in and abide by the principles of fair business practices and affirmative social action.

Our Mission and Values 
Our Vision Statement 
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